coding culture

Bangalore's Software Industry

Director: Gautam Sonti

coding-cultureEnglish (subtitled), 92 min, 2006, India

A series of three films that explores the diverse cultures of work in Bangalore’s software outsourcing industry. Each film was shot inside a single company. The films are ethnographic and observational in nature, providing a rare glimpse into the new global workplaces that are materialising in post-liberalisation India.

The ‘M’ Way: Time + People = Money (29 min)
Fun@Sun: Making of a Global Workplace (32 min)
July Boys: New Global Players (26 min)

Note: This film is available only on DVD

Awards and Screenings

Selected Screenings:
Persistence Resistance, Delhi, India, 2008
Viscult Festival of Visual Culture, Joensuu, Finland, 2007
Bangkok International Film Festival, Bngkok, Thailand, 2007
Days of Ethnographic Film, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007
Tartu Festival of Visual Culture, Tartu, Estonia, 2007
American Anthropological Association, San Jose, USA, 2006
International Ethnological Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2006
One Billion Eyes, Chennai, India, 2006
Bollywood and Beyond, Stuttgart, Germany, 2006
Nordic Anthropological Film Association, Bergen, Norway, 2006
Gottingen International Film Festival, Gottingen, Germany, 2006
Montreal Ethnographic Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, 2006


Gautam Sonti

Creative Crew

Co-author: Carol Upadhya / Camera, Editing & Direction: Gautam Sonti / Interviews & Principal Research: Carol Upadhya / Executive Producer: A. R. Vasavi / Assistance: Sahana Udupa



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